Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Internets and the obtaining thereof.

My coworker is in the process of buying a computer for her daughter, the first household computer. She's worked on them at work, but it remains an intimidating piece of technology for her. I was trying to work up some enthusiasm, being a fan of computers in general and the internets in particular. I explained Google and everything it's spawned, which is all the more impressive if you're not like, technologically jaded.

She then, dear woman, asked if talking to someone from England over the internet was more expensive than someone in North America; basically, are there long distance charges. I didn't laugh, because this woman is lovely and it's not REALLY a dumb question if you haven't grown up with the internets. I explained to her that no, it didn't cost any more and was, in fact, free and that yes, it really was practically instantaneous. I related an anecdote about my conversations with Barb, my erstwhile Australian and I was thinking of our conversation from last night:

me: you're a gutsy businessman, and I respect that
Barb: I'm all about making risky decisions
me: I know. You once wore white shoes after Labour Day, to the disgust of all the other country club wives.
Barb: Not to mention my skullcap that said, "Down with pants! Up with skirts!"
me: well, I'm not sure that was more risque than the white pumps. Either way, you caused quite the scene.
Barb: It's what cause the hundred years war
me: a little-known cause.
maybe I'll write my thesis on that
'On White Pumps and Red Hair: A Guide to the Jerk who Started a Really Long War.'
‘On White Pumps and Red Hair’ could actually be the title of your autobiography

Oh yes, the internets is grand; welcome coworker!

No, I don't know how the picture relates to this entry. I took it off Deanna's website, and I'm sure she stole it from somewhere else.


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